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PixelMogul is a game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As the PixelMogul you will start small with a single, simple building but, you know, one day you could own the whole town. It all depends on your talent and fortune as a landlord.

9 building types

Start with a basic building and unlock fancy buildings as you progress

450 handcrafted interiors

50 per building type

50 huggable animals

to lighten up your tenant's mood

50 handy robots

to bring extra quality to your tenant's life

120 building extensions

Weird and wonderful extensions to pimp up your buildings

Countless chatty tenants

Some seem to know exactly what they need. Others … you'll see.

Reviews and Awards

«In truth, I was surprised by the focus on people over buildings in PixelMogul. […] Other games of its type treat people like ants, you see. As if they're just workers. Without needs and wants. PixelMogul is almost the complete opposite..» - Chris Priestman, Pocket Gamer

«I have to say that pretty much from the launch of this app I have been hooked. The gameplay is smooth and responsive, the graphics are a whole lot of fun, and there is no shortage of challenges here.» - Tonya Medeiros, appPicker

«So simple and addictive. Love the little details that go into every level of different buildings» – App Store Review (AUS) by swtmixx

«What a funny app! The whole family loves it - even the dog.» – App Store Review (AUS) by Koeflerdownunder

«I'm loving this so much! The art style is awesome and the controls are very intuitive. I recommend this to any sim fans.» – Lorena, Touch Arcade Forum

«I've been playing since it came out. […] Everything is adorable, and it's fun assigning animals and robots to your tenants. […] it's a very charming and fun game.» – HerdingCats, Touch Arcade Forum

Award: Mobile of the Day, FWA, April 25, 2014

Avatar Maker

Create your individual PixelMogul-Avatar

Choose from many characters, hair styles outfits and backgrounds and create your individual avatar for Twitter, Facebook etc.

Avatar Maker


PixelMogul goes 3D: Free papercraft model

The «Limo Lotti» booth and the ghost train from the game are available as papercraft models: download the PDF, print it and start tinkering. Take a photo of your work and post it on our Facebook-Page, on Twitter (mention «@PixelMogul») or send it to pixelmogul@ala.ch and we will post it for you.

Download Papercraft Models

Press, Contact and Support

PixelMogul was brewed at ala pixel LLC, an award-winning two-brain studio for illustration, screen design and code, based in Zurich, Switzerland. With PixelMogul we built the game we always wanted to play. If you have questions regarding the game or if you need support, just drop us a line at pixelmogul@ala.ch.



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